Merry Christmas, 

to all my friends who celebrate Christmas this time of year and wishing the happiest of holidays to all my friends who celebrate the beauty of this season in other ways.  All of you are gifts in my life and I could not be more grateful.


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You know that dream growing on the inside of you?  You were made for it.

And I'm here to bring you tools and training to take that creative dream of yours and turn it into a thriving business where #purposemeetsprofit.  

I'm Michele– a business educator, brand strategist, & designer for creatives and entrepreneurs.  Your business should do more than pay your bills, it should set your heart on fire. 

Learn to thrive with your whole heart and your whole brain, all while building a brand you love. 
It doesn't have to be either-or anymore.  You don't have to figure it out alone.

Coffee in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, I'm pretty sure mascara is a survival essential and espresso is a food group. One thing I know for certain is your story matters because you matter.  And I'm already cheering you on.


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Take Your Business Dreams to the Next Level

Through our one-on-one Creative Espresso Strategy Sessions. These 1 hour stand alone creative strategy calls are tailor made for creatives & entrepreneurs who need some targeted advice, heartfelt encouragement & focused consultation.  

The road to grow your dream doesn't have to be lonely. Join a gathering of wholehearted women creatives & entrepreneurs, #FlourishCreatives. We'd LOVE to have you & it's free. I mean, who doesn't need more personal cheerleaders, right?

Harness the power of strategic brand storytelling to drive your business growth. Join a community that empowers creatives & entrepreneurs to live wholehearted & build #brandsthatmatter where purpose meets profit.

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Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't mean you have to run solo.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.


Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.