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Five Reasons I Got Started With Flodesk

Jul 25, 2019

Y’all my email game is never going to be the same.  And neither is yours if you want to jump in with me to one of the most exciting marketing innovations in years, OK decades. Flodesk y’all has captured my heart, imagination and my super picky designer aesthetic needs.  Read, I just need it to be pretty… you know what I mean, right?

The Flodesk link here is an affiliate link. Which means you get 50% off forever no matter how famous you become or how big you grow your tribe and I get compensated for helping make the connection. That’s a chance for an incredible deal and supporting 2 women-owned businesses at the same time.

So, raise your hand if you’ve been frustrated with email platforms that have templates that look salesy (you know that corporate stock photo with the guy who has a too well-placed smile complete with sparkle, shudder, *cough* Get Response & Aweber), or templates that require you to learn HTML (I’m still trying to master plain ol’ English thanks Convert Kit), or plans that penalize you for growing your list by charging exponentially increasing list size-based rates (Mailchimp annnnnnd everybody else… everyone except Flodesk).

How much life can change in 24 hours. Yesterday I heard an Instagram story about Flodesk from Natalie Franke, the woman behind the #communityovercompetition movement and the Rising Tide Society. I heard… beautiful, intuitive templates AND flat, affordable pricing. I was like: OH I NEED to check THAT out like PB on J.

After an hour playing around with all their options, Flodesk has made me fall back in love with my email list again.  Here’s why:


Now Flodesk is new and will still be rolling out features for the foreseeable future. As a girl who does her homework, I did a deep dive and came up with some questions. A LOT of questions. I emailed their CEO Martha because documentation online is still a work in progress. It’s coming.

But in the meanwhile, she literally indulged allllllllll my questions and concerns. And asked for more feedback and ideas. Now you ask me for ideas. You get a color-coded organized Trello board.

I got to speak with her and one of her business partners tonight. It made my year. Not only are they savvy and smart and visionary, they are kind and rooted in wholehearted integrity. Seriously, Martha and Rebecca can we be email BFFs? #BestFriendsFLOever

Let’s make it Pinteresting shall we?


I know I’m an early adopter by nature, but not only do we get the opportunity to support a women-owned business in a male-dominated tech industry, by using Flodesk now we get to be part of shaping what this platform grows into and becomes.

Because here’s an insider secret: It isn’t actually about email. It’s about connection and relationship through email. They get it. And the Flodesk team are giving us ground-breaking tools to grow our relationships beautifully.



Gut honesty. I didn’t grow my email list because I was afraid to grow it into something I couldn’t afford. 

The pricing structures at every other platform I tried (AWeber, Get Response, Mailchimp 2x, ConvertKit) scared the bejeebers out of me. So I played small and safe and didn’t grow. Well that’s over. Flodesk has let me be free to grow with the Flo.



When I started out by saying I’m motivated by pretty, y’all it’s the unvarnished truth. I was the girl who decorated her mud hut in Africa. So plain-jane spammy-looking emails are not going to fly in these parts. Or perhaps I should say not going to Flo.

Pictures are worth a thousand-ish words, right? Here are a few million.

⬇️A Beautiful, Minimal, Easy-to-Navigate Interface ⬇️

⬇️Email Templates With Clean, Sophisticated Layouts ⬇️


⬇️An Intuitive Email Builder Where You Can Design Your Own Templates From Scratch ⬇️

⬇️Inline Forms That Work Seamlessly When Designing With ShowIt5 ⬇️

Want to know how to make ShowIt 5 forms like those above? I’m working on several Flodesk tutorials over this weekend for next week. Things like:

  • How to create beautiful pop-up and inline forms using ShowIt 5’s canvas structure
  • How to easily verify your website in Flodesk
  • Tips to help you get started
  • Using Flodesk’s automation option to create educational courses delivered by email
  • Some of my favorite features and how I use them

Which leads me to…


I love that this arrangement allows us to support one another at the same time. I get a commission and you get a flippin’ amazing rate. Win-win-no-lose friend. I’ll be putting out educational content as I take this journey myself. And you are always welcome to email me questions. I can’t guarantee I’ll know the answer, but if I do, I’m happy to make sure I create content around YOUR specific needs.


And while we are on the subject, find the little box on my sidebar to sign up for my new email The Thrive Insider that goes live August 1st. It’s a weekly delivery of coffee and creative courage in your inbox that’s written just for creative entrepreneurs like you.

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  1. Martha says:

    I am freaking in shock, Michele. There are no words in any language I speak to express how much this meant. We’ve been hustling and running around building this product we fully believe in—and then, there you are, fully believing in it like a founder, and then telling your community about it, and supporting us and encouraging us. You are so special, and I’m so glad to know that the world has you in it.

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