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The Value of Being Creatively Stuck

May 30, 2021

Let’s be honest, we both know I’m a terrible business blogger.  Dear internet, it has been 93 Days 17 Hours 0 Minutes 4 Seconds since my last post. I think that qualifies as officially creatively stuck.

I simply can’t do the constant dry churn of YouTube-video-to-blog-post-never-ending-stream of more information.  Content strategy is not one size fits all.  It isn’t even one season fits all.

Content strategy that works is not about content for content’s sake. It’s about content that connects and opens up conversations that lead to action.

I’m SO much better at splashing my heart and life and failures and joys on a page.  Much better at finding lessons that are paint-splattered and slightly wrinkled, buried under paper stacks on my desk and jotted on the nearest empty envelope flap.

If I am deep-down dangerously honest with myself… my superpower isn’t education on its own.  It’s education hardwired through storytelling and wrapped in encouragement.

I want to pour courage into you.  I want to write you letters here you can’t wait to read.  Words that pour strength into your soul and let you know you are worth fighting for.  Lines that help you remember you are not alone.  And by the way, here are a few more keys for growing your email list that are working really well right now.

Creativity is nothing if not the practice of living courageously.

So here it goes.  The title might have given it away.  I’ve been stuck.  Stuck by what to write you.  Stuck in the 1001 things I could teach.  Paralyzed and overwhelmed by a calendar that is relentless in ticking off days.  Mired in bad brain days that still happen and a recent bout of food poisoning and the tyranny of all things urgent.

But friend being creatively stuck isn’t a problem.  It’s an invitation.

An invitation to step back and ask why.  An invitation to be curious about understanding the thing or things that are pressing hard on our creative brake pedals stalling us from moving forward.

Those things are there for a reason.

Being stuck isn’t a sign of failure.  It’s an invitation to grow.

It’s a call to stop.  Stop fighting your stuckness and see.  Be seen.  Be still enough to find the part of your story that is feeling strangled and suffocated.  Ask what it is trying to show you.  And LISTEN.

With the help of tech tangles and stomach issues, I stepped back and slowed down last week.

(It was rather forced, but still. Never eat the warm Instacart delivery.  Just say no. Don’t Do. It. #Putdownthedodgydairy and a million other cautionary hashtags)

Moment of truth.  I don’t want to be an educator for the sake of being an educator or shaping an industry.

I want to be a connector.  To create a place right here with these words where you can come and breathe and become in the company of friends and community.  To create space where you feel seen, cared for, and celebrated.  A place where we share stories and lessons and if you learn my top five tips opt-ins that convert, awesome.

But the gold isn’t in the information, it’s in the transformation it unlocks.  It’s in the company it forges.  It’s in the journey it provokes.

You down?  Awesome.  Me, too.  Brave soul, let’s DO this.

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