It's Time Your Business Strategy Gets the Memo & Works as Hard as You Do.

Deal? Because that will never get you where you want to go.

I know because I've done it.  More than once.  Ahem.

Creating ideas that get a few likes (or a ton of likes) and then stall out when it matters most is beyond frustrating.  Likes are great, but they don't pay your light bill.  Not by themselves at least.

Creativity is your superpower and you have all the ideas on how to use it to change the world, but figuring out how to weave your story with a million-and-one ideas into strategy that actually connects... cue the mental crickets. 

I get it. I mean I really,  deep down in my ever-lovin-soul GET it.   It's spelled

No More Spaghetti Testing Your Ideas by Throwing Them at the Wall to See What Sticks...



I help creative small businesses thrive from the inside out through business strategy, and story-focused education + resources.   I also started up #FlodeskFridays + go heart-eyed emoji over alllll things email marketing

I spent 20+ years in the international nonprofit world leading regional projects on 3 contents, for which I was also responsible for ALL of the fundraising.

Ready for the sum total of the fundraising, aka marketing advice I got?  

Make "friends" and write a 4x/year newsletter where you report all your statistics so more people will give your project money.

SPOILER.  Guess what didn't work?

A decade ago, I led a project in Africa caring for 130 children  plus staff.  I will never forget the day our money ran out.  And the nearest bank was 8 hours away over rebel-controlled roads. 

Kids have to eat. Staff need to be paid. Donations were at an all time low.

Reporting the numbers clearly was not enough. 

You can have thousands in your audience, but if you aren't showing up consistently and telling the right story with the right strategy... you'll eventually still get caught short.

That was the moment EVERYthing changed...

Because the Right Story Can Change Everything

This statement ⬆️ tore through my soul in 2010.

And metrics were important to keep track of, but they were only a very, very small part of a much larger story.

I started a daily blog on a laptop missing keys powered by a generator with a cell phone connection that made dial-up look space age. It focused on telling the right part of the right story at the right time that would serve our audience well.  

We went from almost zero to impacting over 100K readers in less than a year even in a space oversaturated with great organizations that had big financial needs and way more market share. Oh, and the US economy was in deep crisis and compassion fatigue was at an all time high. Piece. Of. Cake.

Strategic storytelling changed everything, and was central in raising over 7 figures to keep that project going and growing even after I left.

And the same story-anchored principles can transform the way you show up, serve your audience, and stand out with clarity and confidence at a time when the online world is noisier and more crowded than ever.

Stop Stating the Statistics & Start Stewarding the Story

In the Words

As my first time working with a business strategist, Michele really set the bar high. There are so many things that I loved about working with her. I'm so happy that we nailed a name for my program and business! She really helped clarify a simple structure for my program. I also enjoyed the brand messaging work we did, identifying the voice of my brand.

Michele was attentive, full of ideas and shared a wealth of knowledge with me that gave me confidence to get my business up and running. A truly wonderful experience all around!

Alina, SimplePlantLife™

of My Clients...


Get access to the same story-anchored content principles that were key in raising over 7 figures in the nonprofit sector. Transform the way you show up, serve well, and sell with purpose even when the online world is noisier and more crowded than ever.

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I Also Tell Stories With Paint...

What if you could take your simplest, most profound moments and turn them into one-of-a-kind, custom abstract art that honors your space & your story?

I create abstract art inspired by the moments that mean the most to you. Art that is connected to your story, and the people and places you cherish. Art that sees beyond the surface to honor the emotion and essence of what is. A custom art experience that is accessible for both your walls and your wallet.

Where lines and pigment and love stories meet, meaning spills onto paper. The journeys that matter most start deep inside us. These are the stories that change us and the world we touch.  And that journey deserves to be celebrated & documented beautifully.


Turn Simple Moments Into Timeless Masterpieces

Invest in Growing Relationships
Serve from a Place of Abundance
Create Brave Things
Equal Parts Wit, Whimsy, & Wisdom
Stay Curious, Always Keep Learning
Build Where Purpose Meets Profit

These core values are how I do life and business:

Cultivating Strong Roots

Things Only My
Friends Know

I Think Coffee Deserves Food Group Status

Come on now, you know it does.

While I love a good vanilla latte, my go to is a freshly ground pour-over served light and sweet. There's a reason my dad wanted to know if I'd like some coffee with my milk and sugar.

I Have 2/3rds of an MBA

Yep. I'm an MBA dropout. Day 1, I asked my accounting prof if I could color the books instead of balancing them. Later, I left the program for not being entrepreneurial enough & moved to an African conflict zone to start and lead a project that cared for hundreds of at-risk children.

I've Spoken In-Person in 23 Countries 

My public speaking career got started early. I was nine when I gave my first speech to a room of 300 community leaders. It took me about 4 minutes to decide I loved it. So I majored in talking (*cough* communications) in my undergrad studies. 

I'm a Walking Nerd Alert

If I were independently wealthy, I'd get PhDs on repeat. Degrees are cool, but I just love learning that much. I have an MA in Organizational Leadership.  So yes, my hobby is learning.

I'm a TBI Survivor

A traumatic brain injury upended my world 3 years ago and rewired my brain in very unhelpful ways.  But even though the things that were my superpowers before, now are frustratingly difficult, I'm not giving up on stretching my brain so I can find my way forward and keep doing what I love. (Even if I have to do it differently.)

Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't mean you have to run solo.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.


Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.