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Hi y’all, I’m Michele. Lover of blank canvases, open roads, and wild spaces. I create tools and learning resources that help creatives start, scale + succeed at building  businesses that thrive through the power of story. I'm passionately committed to courageous conversation, genuine connection, & my morning coffee.




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Freshly perked content strategy, email marketing, + communications tips, served up with wholehearted encouragement just for creatives & entrepreneurs

All good things start low. The things that start small and grow and become full with life.  They start as seeds buried in the ground, cradled in the dark, waiting for the light. I’ve been slowly arriving at my own dawning these last few months. Sometimes the best business decisions are rooted in soul more […]

Let’s be honest, we both know I’m a terrible business blogger.  Dear internet, it has been 93 Days 17 Hours 0 Minutes 4 Seconds since my last post. I think that qualifies as officially creatively stuck. I simply can’t do the constant dry churn of YouTube-video-to-blog-post-never-ending-stream of more information.  Content strategy is not one size […]

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To those who have influence and an inbox, Covid-19 vaccine discrimination is not a topic I would typically write about here. But these are not typical times. And our stories are not neatly styled things designed to fit into perfectly curated squares and feeds. Sometimes our stories have edges that need to be heard. I […]

Maybe you’ve heard the saying the riches are in the niches floating about.  And if you’re team nitch when it comes to pronouncing niche, this spunky little truth even rhymes. I first heard the phrase from educator and conversion copywriter extraordinaire Ashlyn Carter of Copywriting for Creatives, which is btw hands down the best investment […]

Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't mean you have to run solo.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.


Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.