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Design That Delivers, Visual Strategy That Sets You Apart

If a picture is word a thousand words, the right picture is worth a few million.  

I've served as a creative director for international nonprofits, small businesses, and creative leaders in entrepreneurship helping them steward their unfolding stories with the right visuals and voicing to grow virtually unknown websites into online homes with thousands of followers.

Are you ready to get strategic about your artistry?  I'm right here with my paint brush and coffee, and can't wait to hear all about how I can serve you as you step out to make your dreams your reality.



•  Brand Evaluation, Discovery & Position
•  Visual Storytelling Strategy
•  Brand Guidelines Development
•  Content Strategy & Planning
•  Brand Messaging & Communication
•  Social Purpose & Brand Platforms
• Targeted Business Problem Solving
From Dream to Done™ Launch Design 
• Client Experience & Communication

Do you need to tackle some strategy questions & make your business work better?  Find a creative coach & a cheerleader?  
Get some design support on a project?  These are just some options.   Tell me what you need and we'll get rocking and rolling.


•  Social Media Challenge Development & Design ⟶

•  7-Day Instagram Re:Set ⟶

•  Custom Opt-In Development & Design ⟶

•  Additional Design Services {Custom Client Experience
     Templates, Workflows, Communication Templates,   
     Illustration, Watercolor, Brand Stationery & More}  ⟶


You're a Creative Hero

No seriously.  I mean that.

Creative & locally-owned businesses are the foundation of a thriving economy. Friend, there is no such thing as "small" business. 

Whether you are a staff of one or employ hundreds, getting up every day and going hard after your dream... that is the stuff heroes and legends are made of. 

You shape the culture around you. You change the conversation. Your business story matters. And that story should be the primary thing driving your creative brand's growth.


Social Media Challenge Design

Have you ever wanted to run a social media challenge to grow your Instagram or Facebook community while also growing your e-mail list? But it seemed so overwhelming you didn't know where to start? I hear you. 

And that's where I come in. We put our heads together and create a winning blend of strategy, substance and style. The best thing is that when you are done, you now have content that easily converts into an online course that can add to your bottom line.

 Here's what's included in this brand-building intensive:

•  Consultation: I guide you through the process of defining your goals, choosing
     the structure, refining your content and deciding your platform.
•  My online interactive planning guides and one-on-one coaching through out     
     the process for up to 5 days worth of material {additional days can be added as an upgrade}.
•  Branded Challenge content including your daily prompt graphic template, Headers (for social media and email), announcement graphic, participant graphic
& Pinterest graphic. Everything you need to get the word out and host your challenge while looking amazing doing it.
•  A 3 page PDF challenge guide opt-in for your participants to download {more pages can be added as a upgrade}.

Investment:  Starts at $1450

Next Availability:  June 2019

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 Day Instagram Re:Set

For the last 2 years, I have been working with my branding and business coaching clients on how to use Instagram to build a powerful community around their brand. When I switched over to using Instagram for business, I wanted a fresh start without loosing all my followers. And I got one. I doubled my account in a few weeks. 

Targeted. Engaged. Authentic. Beautiful. Real. Relational. You can create an Instagram account that you love… and that loves you back.

I’m combining years of research, my own trial & error, brand strategy experience, storytelling and design skills to create the 7 Day Instagram RESET. This is a one week individualized, one-on-one intensive that includes:

•  PDF Workbook & Custom Brand Recommendations
•  2.5 Hours of Individualized Story Coaching
•  Brand Strategy for Instagram with a custom Client Action Plan
•  5 Custom Post & 3 Story Templates in Canva or PSD created just for your brand
•  An Insider's Specially Curated Hashtag List
•  Favorite FREE places to find stock photos
•  My entire photo editing strategy... and more.

Investment:  $1200

Next Availability:  June 2019

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Custom Opt-In Design

You see all the gorgeous opt-in PDFs other creatives are using to grow their online communities and build their authority as experts in their field.  But you are not sure even where to start. 

What would add real value & establish your expertise as a thought leader in the mind of your ideal customer?  What would make them want to seek you out, follow your work & ultimately hire you?

 Here's what's included in this list-building powerhouse:

•  Consultation: I guide you through the process of defining your goals, the structure, refining your content and deciding your strategy.
•  My online interactive planning guides and one-on-one coaching through out the process for up to 7 pages of your original material {additional pages can be added as an upgrade} delivered in a signature branded PDF.
•  Content congruent with your brand including the actual PDF opt-in, 1 social
media header, 1 Pinterest graphic, 1 Instagram post graphic, 1 Instagram story graphic
•  Light copy-editing, brand voice coaching, launch plan & best practices guide so you get most out of your investment.

Investment:  Starts at $1100

Timeline: 3-5 weeks

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Additional Design Services

There are so many possibilities in creating an end-to-end seamlessly branded customer experience.  

Here are some additional ways I can serve you as you establish your thought-leadership, serve your clients, grow your community & build a brand that matters:

Media Kit | Starts at $850
Custom Client Experience Template Design | Starts at $450
Workflow & Communication Design | Starts at $500
Custom Icon Design | Starts at $500
Custom Brand Stationery Design | Starts at $500
Custom Watercolor/Illustration | Varies
Hand-Lettered Spot Calligraphy | Varies
Custom Event Branding | Varies
Custom Price Guide/Lookbook | Varies

Investment:  Custom

Timeline: Varies

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Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't mean you have to run solo.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.


Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.