Because in Times Like These, Connecting Matters More Than Ever...

Nailing your communications strategy is no longer an option.  Your business depends on you knowing how to serve your community, one email at a time.

Flodesk™ is built as an intuitive email list platform, but there is still a learning curve... especially if email marketing terms sound like a foreign language.  So I did a deep dive into their set up, asked the team a whole Trello board of questions (you can ask them- I really did), and studied up on the details so you don't have to.

I used creative communications tools filled with story-telling to raise over a million dollars for a project I founded in an African conflict zone (where I also lived for 7 years).  While typing on a laptop with a dying battery, missing keys and an internet connection that made dial-up look cutting edge. 

So, friend, we've got this.  You don't have to go it alone.

When we write letters by hand,
we want our words to reach more than just a mailbox.  Delivered isn't really the goal.
Opened is.

Great email strategy's not about email at all.  It's about intentionally investing in relationship.

Let's Get You Email Ready

Maybe you have a huge list, or one you are just now starting to build.  I have no doubt you could learn all the things on your own.  But that costs too much of the one resource you can never earn back, time.  It would be my joy to take you on a private tour, hear about your goals, show you how things work, and be there to cheer you on.

Friend, There's Never Been a More Important Time to Communicate with Clarity, Compassion, & Courage than THIS Moment Right Now...

I am passionately committed to see that you have the strategy and tools you need to grow your business and connect with your community using the Flodesk platform.  COVID has upended all our worlds in spectacular, history-defining ways.

Until further notice, I'm shelving my usual Flodesk Walkthrough Service Packages to offer a 60ish minute walkthrough video call* where we can cover anything from your big picture, growth messaging & communications strategy down to, so what-the-heck-is-a-workflow and why should workflows be your new coworker/BFF. 

You can literally ask me ANYthing.  Why, yes, I do love margaritas and iced coffee.  But not together. That would be weird. 

The cost to you... pay what you can.  When we wrap up I'll send you a link where you can offer completely optional feedback and a short testimonial.  It will also have a button that takes lets you "Pay What You Can".  Yep.  It's an honor system.  Which means I trust you.

YOU are my priority because...

Words Shape Our Worlds & I'm Here to Help You Use Flodesk to Get the Most Out of Yours

• Creating & Using Segments in Flodesk to give your list superpowers 
• How to Set Up an Opt-In Workflow (Flodesk)
• Building & Using Forms (Flodesk)
• Creative design tips for making custom emails that pop (Flodesk)
• How do I ________________ in Flodesk?
• Email list building strategies
• What makes a GREAT opt-in that coverts
• Content marketing strategy
• Crisis communication/business strategy
• How to use Canva to maximize & customize Flodesk's design features
• Running a social media challenge with Flodesk
• Using Flodesk in your launch strategy
• Building an engaged online community
• How to SELL when you don't like selling

• Email marketing 101
• Brand/business messaging strategy
• Setting up a great welcome sequence in Flodesk
• Writing content people can't wait to read
• Creative Business Strategy 
• Messaging Micro Audit (because we only have an hour, and we could probably geek out for days)
• How Flodesk integrates with other tech tools you need to run your business
• Using Flodesk with your website/social media to create an end-to-end cohesive user experience
• Sound board ideas, talk about obstacles, & be heard & supported by someone who gets it
• Literally ask me anything business strategy, communications, creativity, crisis leadership related


* Limited to One Call/Client in a 6 month window.  All calls after that are charged according to reduced rates of $225/1st hour, $175/hr afterwards when booked in advance.


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Clear, Consistent, Confident Communication Doesn't Have to Be a Daydream.

I'm spilling the secrets I've learned over 5 years of research on communications & entrepreneurship for 1.65 Masters degrees, & lessons from more than a decade as a strategic storyteller + communicator while living in between continents and working in a literal war zone a world away.

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Introducing Thrive Content Co, the Only Email-Marketing + Content Strategy Learning Community Designed Especially for the Needs of Creatives Using Flodesk


My signature Learning Framework that is like a course on email-marketing, content strategy, Flodesk tutorials, & better communication all-in one

A Private Member Community on Facebook where we will have monthly live calls, periodic challenges, new content each month, & so much more.  Starting in 2021

Fresh Monthly Content that is actionable, current, and ready to be put to use.

Monthly live Facebook sessions, all with the goal to help you grow your business as you get seen, show up and sell out.

The first complete end-to-end Flodesk-specific email marketing + content strategy framework created by the originator of #FlodeskFriday tutorials


Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't mean you have to run solo.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.


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Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.