Knowing How to Connect Your Business Story to Your Bottom Line Shouldn't Be Keeping You Up at Night 


But you're overwhelmed by all the quick fixes offering $27 mad-lib style prompt generators, cut-and-paste content solutions, and surface level strategies that don't look, sound, or feel like you.

SO.  Can we call an audible on content and communications that don't fit?  Strategy is not one size fits all.

Whether you're launching something new or leveling-up what you already have, I'm here to help you master the communications  tools and tactics you need to unlock the power of your story and  build a creative business that thrives with strategy and heart.

you know that to thrive in an overcrowded market, LEARNING TO telL the right story HAs NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT

Great Communication Doesn't Just Connect, It Makes Way for Conversations That Lead to Action

The Story & Send™

Easy-to-use, bite-sized education, tools & templates  that banish communications & email list  overwhelm. Yes? This isn't email as usual. This is email reimagined with Flodesk in mind. Get all the updates here:


Let's Turn Your Content Into Conversations

1-Hour Strategy

Perfect for a burning question or two, picking my brain or getting help with something specific. This is you, me, some coffee and all the Qs we can fit in a 60 minute sesh.

The StoryKEYS™
Method Collection

The only customizable suite of communications resources that help you step-by-step get your ideas and words ready to connect, converse, and convert with strategy and heart.

that lead to action



COMING 2021-2022

You know how you can spot an Anthro image a mile down the road comin' in your social feed?

Yep.  You need a visual strategy just as polished as your verbal one is. 

Whether it's planning out the strategy for a branding shoot, helping you source just the right props, or translating your imagery needs in angles and ideas with your photography team, understanding creative  direction basics helps make sure you have the right visuals to tell your story and the right strategy take your imagery from bland to brand.

that means Your brand Visuals Need to be JUST as Recognizable
as Your brand Voice

It's Not Enough to Slow the Scroll.
Now, You Have to Stop It 

these days...

Creative Director

Resource Series




Get access to the same story-anchored content principles that were key in raising over 7 figures in the nonprofit sector. Transform the way you show up, serve well, and sell with purpose even when the online world is noisier and more crowded than ever.

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I had no idea the depth of remarkable I would get with Michele Perry. Her empathy, compassion, and genuine & honest approach has helped merge my expertise and my heart to create something that serves my clients AND fills my soul. It’s like she can see inside my head and my heart and pull out the pieces that I can quite recognize yet, or have maybe never dared to pursue... I can’t believe this is the woman I get to work with. I am so grateful.   


Michele is beyond amazing at this. She has taken my ideas, scratched onto various pieces of paper, and created a truly magnificent visual strategy. It was like she understood me and my vision even better than I did!! Thank you, Michele, for making my dream of many years come true. You are one outstanding woman.   


I am completely awed by what Michele put together. She was a dream to work with and helped to refine my brand as we talked about logo ideas and my interests. Michele created a brand that perfectly reflects my business... If you’re looking for someone who puts together projects that draw raves from others, Michele is definitely the way to go!

Burning questions? Need help with something specific?  Want to pick my nerd-alert communications and marketing brain?  

Looking for some strategic feedback, high-level actionable insight, and practical real world advice?  Want my thoughts on your latest email sequence or a walkthrough of Flodesk?

A 60-minute ask-me-anything style strategy session is just the right fit. 

Before we meet, I'll send over some homework so  I can get to know more of what we are diving into.  And after I'll send you hard copy of my notes complete with the action items that came up during our call.

SERVED with  WELL-STEEPED creativi-tea

Book Your 1:1 Strategy Sesh

 Turn Moments Into Masterpieces 

What if you could take your simplest, most profound moments and turn them into one-of-a-kind, custom abstract art that honors your space & your story?

Looking for Original, Custom Abstract Art That Honors Your Space & Your Story?

Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't mean you have to run solo.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.


Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.