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communication that connects for conversations that matter

Your words need to be as strategic as they are artful.

With all the clutter online, your content has to shine.  More than ever, your messaging matters.

That's where I come in—  freshly perked coffee in one hand and my blue editor's pencil in the other.

This isn't traditional copy or content writing where someone learns your voice and writes as you.  Rather, I've taken what has worked for my clients plus 30 years of professional international communication experience  and turned what I've learned into resources that help you be sure your words are crafted to connect and start conversations that lead to action.

My signature approach gives you the StoryKEYS™ to unlock the power of the messaging strategy you need to get seen, serve well, and sell out.


For Creative Business Leaders Who Want to Amplify Their Impact



I learned quickly that it took more than beautiful writing to really connect when the primary thing bringing in the funding for 130+ children in Africa were my words.  

It wasn't just about finding the right word.  It was about finding and telling the right part of the right story at the right time to the right person that opened up space for a conversation leading to action.

Unlocking the right story can change everything.  Lifelong leadership nerd that I am (no, really- I gobbled down my first John Maxwell book at age 10 and was hooked for-EV-er)...  I realized the strategy we used to bring in 7-figure funding in Africa was also central to creative business leaders like you.

The StoryKEYS™ Method is the only collection of tools and templates designed to come alongside you like a personal messaging mentor, helping to get your ideas and words ready to connect, converse, and convert with strategy and heart.

because you haven't communicated until you've ACTUALLY connected

You Need More Than a Thesaurus & Poetic Prose to Start a Conversation That Matters


Use Your

Tired of Experts Telling You That You Need to Use
Storytelling to Grow Your Business But Never Showing You How?

Your 1:1

the Right Narrative

the Connections

the Conversation

learn the art of strategic storytelling

it's time someone changeD that.


Get access to the the same story-anchored content principles that were key in raising over 7 figures in the nonprofit sector. Transform the way you show up, serve well, and sell out even when the online world is noisier and more crowded than ever.

The StoryKEYS™ Difference


Each product in this collection include a set of the same kind of coaching questions ready to help you get crystal clear on what goals need to be front and center.

The only communications suite of mentoring materials custom crafted the needs of creative businesses.  Perfect for helping you launch or level-up your offer with confidence.  Also, for leaders who want to hone their organizational narrative to communicate strategically, connect authentically, and lead conversations that matter in their companies.


In-depth project research assistant that helps you identify your CoreStory™ foundation and apply it to your project's unique story strategy.


Each product is created with a video walkthrough from yours truly that shows you my why behind the what™ so you'll not just have the material, but the understanding of how and why it was made.


A structure to help you put on the hat of the editor for your work.  You can totally do this.  I'll take you step by step to show you how.


We use a combination of easy-to-use digital tools for your product deliverables. 


This isn't one sized fits all.  Mix and match within the StoryKEYS™ Collection of products to get the results you need.


Learn how to build out your project's StoryKEYS™ Messaging Map to keep your storytelling on track to connect, captivate, + convert.


Top it off with additional exercises that can help you leverage what you've discovered to keep your project and business growing.

Build Your Own Set of Keys

What if you could confidently wake up each morning knowing you were ready to tell the right stories to move the needle on your business growth?

In the Words

"Michele is the epitome of the phrase “under-promise and over deliver.” She is a master story-teller, paints words on paper and has the gift of anticipating her client’s needs.⠀

It’s rare that you meet someone that surpasses their reputation; however, Michele is that person As we have prepared this year to launch the next phase of our work, Michele intuitively identified our creative design and messaging needs before they exited our lips.⠀

If you are looking for a word-whispering, master consultant extraordinaire, you want Michele to be the one you work with."

Nikki + Torrey Carroll
TNC Group / CoachableWorks™

of My Clients...

Your investment of time & resources is a commitment.  You don't want to invest them with just anyone.  I'm Michele, and I bring a few things to the table:

•  Over 20 years of mentoring hundreds of leaders and businesses in 20+ nations around the world. 
•  The same story-anchored strategies that helped me grow the social resources of the international development base I started in Africa  over 1000% in less than a year.
•  An MA in Organizational Leadership & a BA in Communications.
•  Experience starting multiple successful organizations, projects and initiatives over the last 2 decades.  And a few less than successful ones.  You get the benefits of ME having made mistakes so you don't have to.
•  In-depth experience working with leaders and creatives across nonprofit, faith-based and creative sectors
• Grad school research standards.  I do my homework to make sure you can get the best out of yours
•  An ability to hear  you sort your ideas, identifying and prioritizing them both strategically AND intuitively.

I'm a communications strategist, structural editor, and an email marketing expert which means you won't just have words that work , you'll understand how they work and why. 

You have a story to tell and I can't wait to see you have the resources you need to tell every last detail with clarity and confidence.

Well, I Should Probably Introduce Myself...

StoryKEYS™ isn't just about creative marketing strategy. I also consult with organizational leaders needing to communicate strategically, connect authentically, and lead conversations that matter in their companies.

Is that you? Please, drop me an email and introduce yourself!

Coming Soon!

Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't mean you have to run solo.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.


Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.