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Content Strategy That Actually Connects

In times like these, finding the right messaging and marketing strategy can feel like a minefield.  There are a 1001 voices shouting all the *urgent* things you need to do *yesterday*.

Build that email list.
Batch those workdays.
Corral all the unofficial coworkers, and maybe the official ones too.
Be authentic.  Don't overshare.
Tame your tech.
Plan out social content.
Make sure it is the right content.
Launch things.
Sell the things you launched..
Show up. Stay home.

And all you really want is someone who gets it to offer you coffee and be a sounding board to your dreams.  A witness to your struggles.  A champion in your challenges.  A cheerleader to your efforts.  

To see you. Get you.  Listen well.  And then help you nail down and navigate the right strategy, one step at a time.

I'm here friend, cold brew in hand, ready to serve.  

Tired of Hit-and-Miss Content that Leaves You Feeling Discouraged + Overwhelmed?

I am passionately committed to see that you have the strategy and tools you need to grow your business even as COVID has upended all our worlds in spectacular, history-defining ways.

Until January 2021, I'm shelving my usual creative strategy sessions to offer a 60ish minute video strategy hour call where we can cover anything from your big picture, growth messaging & communications strategy down to, so what-the-heck-is-a-workflow and why should workflows be your new coworker/BFF. 

You can literally ask me ANYthing.  Why, yes, I do love margaritas and iced coffee.  But not together. That would be weird. 

The cost to you... pay what you can.  When we wrap up I'll send you a link where you can offer completely optional feedback and a short testimonial. 

It will also have a button that takes lets you "Pay What You Can".  Yep.  If that's $10 or $400, it's an honor system. 

 I trust you.  

• Email marketing 101 on Flodesk (see Flodesk specific topics/calls over here ⟶)
• How do I ________________ in Flodesk?
• Email list building strategies
• What makes a GREAT opt-in that coverts
• Content marketing strategy
• Crisis communication/business strategy
• How to use Canva to maximize & customize Flodesk's design features
• Running a social media challenge
• Launch strategy
• Building an engaged online community
• How to SELL when you don't like selling
• Creating story-based brand messaging
• Must-have email sequences
• Using Trello or Asana to nail your workflows
• Team leadership dynamics
• Creativity & resilience

• Course creation strategy options
• Creating new online streams of income
• Brand/business positioning
• Writing content people can't wait to read
• Creative business 
• Messaging Micro Audit (because we only have an hour, and we could probably geek out for days)
• How to integrate the tech tools you need to run your business
• Creating an end-to-end cohesive user experience between your website/social media/email marketing
• Sound board ideas, talk about obstacles, & be heard & supported by someone who gets it
• Literally ask me anything content strategy, communications, creativity, crisis leadership related


Sign up for your strategy hour by sending me a few details here:


Introducing One-Hour, One-on-One, Ask-Me-Anything Calls

Creative Business, Marketing, Communications, or Content Strategy Related


* Limited to One Call/Client in a 6 month window.  All calls after that are charged according to reduced rates of $325/1st hour, $225/hr afterwards when booked in advance.

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January 2021


When I sought out a branding guru, I had no idea the depth of remarkable I would get with Michele Perry. Her empathy, compassion, and genuine & honest approach has helped merge my expertise and my heart to create something that serves my clients AND fills my soul. It’s like she can see inside my head and my heart and pull out the pieces that I can quite recognize yet, or have maybe never dared to pursue... I can’t believe this is the woman I get to work with. I am so grateful.   


Michele is beyond amazing at this. She has taken my ideas, scratched onto various pieces of paper, and created a truly magnificent visual strategy. It was like she understood me and my vision even better than I did!! Thank you, Michele, for making my dream of many years come true. You are one outstanding woman.   


I am completely awed by what Michele put together. She was a dream to work with and helped to refine my brand as we talked about logo ideas and my interests. Michele created a logo that perfectly describes my business... If you’re looking for someone who puts together design projects that draw raves from others, Michele is definitely the way to go!

What Some of My
Clients Are Saying...

Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't mean you have to run solo.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.


Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.